Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DARK SKY. A colaberation project with Montague Aardvarkian

Allister (Main Character) Pencield by Danko and coloured by Montague

Yet to be named character Pencield by Danko and coloured by Montague

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Comic Works

Page From Crust (Private Project)

Random Sillies

Panel From a Untitled Comic

A Dog Who Lost His Bed

Luke Mckay Fan Art (Done as animation design project second year at study)

A Bare Bones Seris

Anatomical Studies

Photographic Portfolio

An average day at the office

Bird Photography (Yellow hammer)

Publisity Photography (Watches Bryants Watch Centre)

When the sun sets at home

A Wizard With a Flute

A wondering Peacock

Food Photography (Omelet the ultimate food) 

A Shore Plover doin it's thing

Cooking up a storm at Japan day

Prop Photography (The peace was made as a joint effort form Danko & Mark)

The Human Arm

The Original Painting, (Acrylic Paint On Butter Paper)
A Clock Work Twist (Acrylic Paint On Butter Paper)

The Final Textured Tweak (Acrylic Paint On Butter Paper, Digitally Enhanced)

Comic Charcter Designs

Some portraits of comic characters

The first is David Fairborne, He is a solo father to a daughter, Journalist/supernatural private eye and the lead character in a story called crunch 

Vincent Locke, a lead character in crust (go to The Journal of Danko Soroka for more)

Vincent Locke again, panel from The Journal of Danko Soroka.

The Dairy Of Danko Soroka

Bird Paintings in Traditional Oils

Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

Bird Illustrations




New Zealand dotterel

Rock Pigeon

Pekapeka Emperor Penguin

Shore Plover




Yellowhammer Coloured

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